There’s a lot of neat Henchmen-related artwork that doesn’t really belong in the main story page, so I’m making a home for it here:

March 2018

Artwork for fellow Collective of Heroes member The Hero Business:















October 2017
The Collective of Heroes Halloween art event “Secret Satan” page is now posted, and you can check it out and see all the Halloween-themed art here:

Here’s my contribution to the event, a Halloween interpretation of  Kenn Minter’s The Emerald Yeti:


Meanwhile, the talented Shane Rivett, creator of the webcomic Heroes of the World and Beyond, contributed this demonic interpretation of the Henchmen for Hire:


August 2017

A great sketch of the Henchmen for Hire by Michael Cannon (@arttildawn).   Michael is another of the many talented Hawaii-based artists who was displaying his talents in Artist’s Alley at Amazing Hawaii Comic Con .  Mighty Michael does some amazing commissions, and I encourage you to visit his websites and have him draw a superhero or two for you!

Mike’s Funny or Die page.

Mike’s Facebook Link







March 2017

From this year’s Emerald City Comic Con, I got some other comic artists to provide their interpretation of the Henchmen for Hire characters.

Brad Guigar, creator of Evil Inc. contributed this sketch of the Henchmen dropping by the offices of Evil Inc.:







Elias Chatzoudis specializes in sexy super girl art, so it made sense to have him take on the evil VIXX:









One of the cool discoveries I made at the Emerald City Comic Con was the wonderful, whimsical artwork of Nolen Lee, who is the creator of Punching Pandas.  When I came across Nolen’s Artist Alley table, I just had to ask him if he’d be willing to “Panda-ize” the Henchmen, and this is the result:







Another great sketch from the Emerald City Comic Con Artists Alley! Sam Logan, creator of the classic webcomic Sam and Fuzzy provides his take on the Henchmen for Hire. Visit Sam’s website at:










Barry Blankenship sketched the Henchmen in his own personal style and this great picture is the result!
Visit Barry’s website at







A neat sketch of the Henchmen for Hire by PVP and Table Titans creator Scott Kurtz:

Check out Scott’s work here:







February 2017

I did a sketch to commemorate the 500th page of Dave Barrack’s GrrlPower webcomic!









The awesomely talented Napua Ahina created a cover for the Henchmen for Hire Special #1.  You can see more of her work here!









December 2016

The Collective of Heroes is doing a Secret Santa sketch swap.

Here’s one last Secret Santa sketch of the Henchmen for Hire that I just received from fellow Collective of Heroes creator Dan Butcher.  It looks like the guys are having a rowdy good time. You can visit Dan’s comic Vanguard here!











Tyler Hostettler contributed a neat sketch of the Henchmen – he says it has an ‘album cover’ feel to it, and I think he’s right.  Check out Tyler’s comic at











Here’s one I did for Our Super Mom:

christmas_supermomDrop by and read the comic here:









Here’s my Secret Santa offering for Heroes of the World and Beyond:











Here’s a sketch from Al Fukalek of The Specialists that should bring back some memories from the good old days when Marvel Comics featured their heroes in the upper left corner of the cover:










Here’s my Christmas  “Secret Santa” sketch for Giant Girl:










Corey Kramer, creator of the webcomic Wonder Weenies sent over a sketch card with his interepretation of the Henchmen:











October 2016

Halloween seems to be a busy time for alternate artwork.  Here’s a general Halloween greeting from the Henchmen:






Every year the great folks in the Collective of Heroes have created Halloween images featuring characters from each other’s comic.  Bill Walko, creator of The Hero Business sent me his interpretation of the Henchmen on a Halloween-type job:

PrintBe sure to check out Bill’s comic at The Hero Business, and look in on all the great online super-hero flavored comics at the Collective of Heroes!








Of course, the exchange of images is a two-way street, so I also created my own version of Giant Girl, which is here:


You should check out Giant Girl’s larger-than-life adventures as well!








September 2016

Talented Comic Creator and fellow member of the Hawaii Comic Book Alliance Christopher Caravalho creates a lot of cool Hawaii-flavored comics! You can check out his work at at Mana Comics. Here’s my interpretation of one of his original characters, Seoul Hot:










August 2016:

Fellow member of the Collective of Heroes - Wonder Weenies recently celebrated its 500th comic, and I contributed my own interpretation of the characters:











June 2016:


Here’s a commission piece I did of VIXX.  I hadn’t drawn her in awhile, and I have to admit that I missed her somewhat.  Maybe I’ll have to bring her back around some time…. Heh, heh, heh….

December 2015:


Ho! Ho! Ho! Heres’ the artwork I did for the 2015 Collective of Heroes “Secret Santa” exchange with Generation Alpha.


Here’s the artwork that my Secret Santa – the creators of Pulse did in return.

October 2015:


Here’s my offering for the Collective of Heroes 2015 Halloween art exchange with Johnny Saturn.


In turn, Scott Story of Johnny Saturn did this great Halloween take on the Henchmen for Hire.