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Henchmen for Hire tells the story of three normal guys who hire themselves out as “evil” henchmen in a world of superheroes and supervillains. While they don’t have superpowers, they’re very good at what they do, and their friendship and loyalty to each other makes them a great team.


“Tinker” – He’s the ‘Brains’ of the operation.  He claims to have been in ‘the business’ longer than anyone else, and his knowledge, insights and ability to stay more than one step ahead of everyone else seem to prove that what he claims is true.

He’s the anonymous author of  ‘The Henchmen’s Blog” which provides a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to work for a  supervillain.  One of his stated goals is to one day publish his blog and retire.



Evers” – He’s the “Muscle” for the team. He’s much tougher and more dangerous than he looks, and because of his d quiet demeanor he’s often underestimated,  which he uses to his advantage.  He’ll do any job if the price is right, but there are lines he’ll never cross for any amount.



“Chance” – He’s the “Hands” guy for the Henchmen team.  There’s no lock that he can’t open and  no pocket that he can’t pick. He’s so talented at what he does, he considers himself almost super-powered, and he thinks if he had some genuine super-human ability, he’d be an amazing super-villain himself.

He also considers himself to be quite the ladies’ man…


“Lowla” – She’s the newest member of the team.  She’s the tech expert, but she isn’t afraid to step up from behind her keyboard and deal with the physical aspects of a job.  The guys are still getting to know her, but she already seems to know an awful lot about them….



The Collector

The Collector – In a world where Super Heroes and Villains are constantly in the news, they have become like sports figures or music celebrities, and so there’s a similar interest in collectibles from the most popular ones.  The Collector deals in all sorts of super-memorabilia and is  a great source of information about super goings-on both past and present.






Mister Carrion – He’s THE lawyer to go to if you’re a Super Villain in need of legal representation, and some say he’s the scariest man in town.






Mister Winston: aka “Bruiser” – Super-strong, smart and mean. Just because he’s currently in prison, it doesn’t mean he isn’t dangerous.