One of the fun things I did when I attended the Emerald City Comic Con this year, was visiting with some of the creative people in Artist’s Alley and asking them to draw the Henchmen in their own style.  It’s interesting to see these characters that I’m SO familiar with interpreted differently.  I’m posting the sketches that I collected from all these talented folks on the Artwork page, and I’ve provided links to the artists’ websites so you can check out more of their work.  Check it out!

The art for this story was colored by the talented Napua Ahina, who also provided the alternate cover for the comic:

I love her interpretation of the Henchmen, and I’m hoping to come up with a way that we can see more Henchmen from her.

Also, if you’d rather read the current short story arc all at one time (and send some small support our way) you can click on the link in the upper right of the page and purchase the 99-cent PDF download of the Henchmen for Hire Special #1, which includes the two short stories The Recruit and The Rookie.  You can be ahead of the game and meet the new recruit now!