Now’s your chance to pre-order the Henchmen for Hire: Dark Legacy graphic novel through our just-posted Kickstarter page:

You can get a printed copy for just $20 plus shipping, or if you’re more of a digital reading fan, you can get a downloadable PDF version for just $5.  There are also some ridiculously low-priced bundles so you can get ALL the printed books or ALL the PDF versions – that’s a lot of Henchmen for just a little cash!

I’m also offering Kickstarter rewards that will allow you (or someone you love who you want to immortalize) to appear in the next Henchmen for Hire story as a walk-on character.  These were very popular the last time I offered them, and there are a limited number, so if you’re interested, don’t wait too long!

Click on the link above, or on the upper right of the homepage and support our Kickstarter!