I had an Artists Alley table at The Amazing Hawaii Comic Con on May 20,21 and 22 at the Honolulu Convention Center.  The turnout was OK although not as good as the 2015 con.  The lesser attendance on Saturday was probably because it was a major high-school graduation day in Hawaii, and it was also the day of the Visitor Industry Fun-Run.  It probably also hurt a bit that the general admission for the day was $30, which is standard rate for a lot of cons, but a little high for the general public in Hawaii that has a lot of other entertainment options.

I drew up a few commissions, sold some books (mostly the new Rocked by Roid Rage graphic novel) and met some real Henchmen fans, which was really great.  A lot of them had bought the first book at one of the previous cons, and were happy to buy the next one.  One fellow said he thought The VIXX Saga was “hilarious” and another said he “couldn’t put it down.”

All in all, it was a successful con experience and I’m looking forward to the next one.

Photos from the Amazing Hawaii Comic Con:Jeff_Langcaon_con_photo