The story makes another abrupt scene change, as we jump from a family home in suburbia to a somewhat familiar maximum security facility.  This is one of those times where I think the webcomic page-a-week format probably makes the story more challenging to read, and it’s one of the reasons I’ve considered updating less frequently, but releasing several pages all at once.

Since I started doing Henchmen for Hire back in 2010, webcomics have changed from when it made economic sense to do regularly scheduled updates.  I actually tried posting three (!) pages per week in the beginning, and quickly learned the challenges and pitfalls of such a frequent update routine.  At the moment I’m just posting a new page every Monday, and occasionally life and my “real” jobs will get in the way and cause some delay (as it did this week, which is why this is a Tuesday post.)

I intend to keep up with the Monday updates for as long as I can.  I do like having some kind of structure to follow, and I like to think that there’s a core group of loyal Henchmen readers who still enjoy checking in for the once-weekly updates.  However, I’m looking at spinning off the adventures of Tek Girl into a new ongoing comic, and I’m thinking that I might make that comic a little more free-form as far as the timing and quantity of updates will go.

Still thinking about it, but I’m curious how the regular Henchmen readers feel about update schedules and the like.  Let me know what you think.