Just to show you the kind of things that are rattling around in my head, when I came up with the line where Evers says “I just hate phonies,” I immediately recalled an old Peanuts cartoon that has that line as the punchline for the gag.

I wonder if there’s a little bit of Linus somewhere in the character of Evers?   Probably not, but then again I haven’t really explored the Henchmen’s ‘origin’ story just yet, so it’s all an open playing field.

I will say that the next big story arc is going to be The Origin of the Henchmen.  That’s not the actual title just yet, but we’ll be revealing how they came together and what was their first big adventure.  That story is on the drawing boards now, and I’m looking forward to getting into it.

Stay tuned, and watch out for phonies!